Saxon Yacht Host 'Sundown Drinks - Ibiza'

The Saxon Yacht team and Bargate Murray Maritime Lawyers are proud to have hosted an incredibly successful ‘Captains Event’ in Ibiza last Friday…


In a joint effort to raise awareness of the importance of Insurance & Law in Yachting, both Bargate Murray & Saxon Yacht invited Captains & Crewmembers to enjoy a sundown drink and a glass of champagne at ‘La Calma’ Ibiza.


‘Due to the recent incident with ‘My Song’, the 39.6m Sailing Yacht from Baltic Yachts that recently fell overboard during a Shipping Passage, Maritime Insurance & Law has become a particularly popular talking point amongst Yachting Professionals’ 

 Samuel Cise - Director


Saxon Yacht are proud to work globally, with headquarters in London and representatives in Antibes & Ibiza, we are on hand to discuss the needs and requirements of our clients at a moments notice. Our flexible approach has been integral to our recent success, something we are extremely proud of and look forward to growing.


This event was a fantastic opportunity to hear the concerns and questions of Captains & First Officers, many of whom bare responsibility when appointing an Insurance Broker.

Saxon Yacht are proud to have a working understanding of Yacht Operations – The majority of our team hold Yachting qualifications and have first hand knowledge of the roles onboard.


For more information on the Insurance of your Yacht, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our professional team.