The Saxon Team: Our Favourite Holiday Destinations...

James - Marketing Manager

Q: Where are you going on holiday this year?

A: My family and I are going to Mallorca this August, specifically Port d’Andratx, originally a small traditional fishing harbour. Now it thrives a great nautical scene with a plethora of popular bars and restaurants, overlooking its enclosed bay and yachting marina. Considered one of the loveliest harbours in the Mediterranean, situated on south-west corner of Mallorca, the island offers a beautiful mix of sand beaches, Superyacht filled harbours and excellent restaurants. We stay in a friend’s apartment, overlooking the port, it is the ideal location to slow down for a week.

Q: Why is Mallorca so special?

A: Mallorca is such a special island full of culture, but it benefits from a variety of beautiful views and beaches, the party life surrounds the towns of Magaluf and Palma. Although we stay away from the party goers, there are some relaxed port side bars a stones throw away from the apartment in Andratx. The locals of Mallorca all have an excellent English tongue, making it perfect for people not so confident with a second language.

Q: Can you mix work and pleasure?

A: Palma is a thriving location for Superyachts and makes up one of the main European hubs of permanent moorings. Although the marina has a very large capacity for the sailing yachts on the smaller side; the capacity for large superyachts is around 200. Having been recently refurbished in 2017, to be a more eco-friendly and nicer marina, Palma is a great base for superyachting of all kinds. For me, having more of a marketing role at Saxon Insurance Brokers, Mallorca is a great location to shoot photos and videos of superyachts.

Q: Do you have any restaurant recommendations for anyone cruising in the area?

A: In the Port of Andratx, there are a fantastic array of restaurants. There are row of restaurants, right at the edge of the water, providing a fantastic dining experience, whilst watching the sun disappear behind the hills on the other side of the port. For breakfast and lunch, ‘Cappucino’ is a great start; a leading group of premium restaurants and cafés located in the most prestigious locations across the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, and in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Marbella, Jeddah and Beirut.

Next to ‘Cappuccino’ are two other great restaurants; ‘CanPep’, a fantastic Mediterranean cuisine and ‘Central’, serving great cocktails, cakes and burgers.


Q: Where are the best places to ‘drop anchor’?

A: Any bay in Mallorca is generally fantastic, however there are a few spots worth spending some time in. For a more lively location, Illetas is just a short cruise from Palma and Portals ports. Many yachts migrate here for the three beautiful sheltered bays with pristine turquoise waters, fabulous restaurants and the famous beach club ‘Purobeach’.


The Saxon Team: Our Favourite Holiday Destinations...

When our team of High Value Insurance Brokers aren’t arranging policies for The World’s Finest Assets, we can be found working on our own Classic Cars or arranging our next trip in search of the perfect sunset…

From New Zealand to Newquay and Cannes to Canada, our team enjoy nothing more than booking their next flight, check out where our team are letting their hair down in the next few months...

Dominic - Client Relationship Manager

Q: Where are you going on holiday this year?

A: My partner and I are heading to Turkey in October, it’s the perfect place for anyone looking to extend their European summer! We have booked two hotels, one in Gocek and one on the Datça Peninsular. It’s a great place to unwind after an incredibly busy September; we are going to be flat out for Cannes & Monaco Yacht Show!..

Q: What makes Turkey so special?

A: We first went 4 or 5 years ago whilst working aboard a 40m Superyacht. We had a few days free whilst the owner went to London for a business trip. From the moment we arrived we were treated like complete royalty! The locals are incredibly friendly, the beaches are impeccably clean – and of course the Hotel was phenomenal! It even has its own Superyacht Jetty! So, when the time came to leave and head back to work, we promised ourselves we would go back one day…

Q: Will you be mixing business & pleasure?

A: Well it is actually the perfect spot to meet up with clients, both Greece & Turkey have become incredibly popular for those looking to get away from the crowds on the French Riviera and Amalfi coast; I would strongly recommend it as a destination for anyone weighing up their next summer aboard.

Will I be mixing business and pleasure though? – I’m always at the end of the phone, so I guess the answer to that is yes!

Q: Do you have any advice for someone heading to Turkey?

A: Its hot! Very hot! 40+ degrees it is not uncommon in the height of summer and unlike the neighbouring Greek islands, it doesn’t tend to get as windy! This makes it the perfect cruising destination for Motoryachts, but keen sailors should perhaps head further west for the Meltemi…

Aside from being aware of the incredible heat, I would say this part of Turkey is a relatively easy place to head on holiday, its about an hour away from Marmaris, so the locals are used to seeing holiday makers – Just take your suncream!

I’ve also just remembered, our hotel has little sailing dinghy’s so I hope there is a bit of wind!

Gocek, the perfect cruising destination…

Gocek, the perfect cruising destination…

Q: And the food?

A: That’s an important question! The hotel we are going to on the peninsular is super secluded, so we have to eat in the hotel for that one.. But, in Gocek there are two incredible places at entirely different ends of the spectrum! One is Q Lounge, it’s a kind of Japanese tapas type place, and the second one is Kebab Hospital! Not nearly as glamorous, but amazing quality, traditional Turkish food..

Revealed: Bugatti’s most powerful supercar!

Last Friday, attendees at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance witnessed the unveiling of Bugatti’s most powerful supercar. The Centodieci, or 110 for those of you not fluent in Italian arithmetic!

The French producer revealed the latest coach built masterpiece in testament to their consistent strength, having celebrated 110 years of building beautifully crafted motor-vehicles. The Centodieci has been built for breakneck speed, she boasts an 8.0-liter W16 engine, capable of launching from zero to 62mph in just 2.4 seconds and on to 124mph in 6.1 seconds! It has been electronically limited to an outrageous 236mph!


“With the Centodieci we pay homage to the EB110 super sports car which was built in the 1990s and is very much a part of our tradition-steeped history,”

Weighing in about 20 kilograms less than the Chiron, an intricate scattering of carbon fibre, from windscreen wipers to stabilizers mean the power to weight ratio Is a touch over 1.1kg per horsepower – it is rumoured to corner like the Bugatti Divo!


The Centodieci’s design echoes the EB110, with a few intriguing nods to the 1990’s supercar styling. Check out the five ringed air intakes and the re-designed LED headlights to further preserve the sleek, aggressive lines of the EB110. But don’t be disheartened, this is no facelift! The head designer explains…

“The challenge was not to allow oneself to be captivated too much by the design of the historic vehicle and work solely in retrospect, but instead to create a modern interpretation of the shape and technology of that time,”


Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann explained an intentional decision was made to contrast the recently launched ‘La Voiture Noire’, with a beautifully white Centodieci taking centre stage at this years Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This ‘yin & yang’ creates a desire to add the Centodieci to the collections of the most fastidious owners. One cannot have imbalance in a collection of such prestige!


No more than 48 hours after the official launch of Bugatti’s latest supercar, we received an enquiry with regards to arranging an insurance policy for an existing client; he is a proud Bugatti collector and hopes to be one of the 10 potential owners of their latest launch. We were able to arrange a suitable provisional quote within the next 24 hours.

The Centodieci is the latest addition to Bugatti’s ‘One Off’ collection, sitting alongside La Voiture Noire and the Divo. For those hoping to avoid the world’s longest waiting lists, the Chiron and Veyron are available in 7 different base specifications, or alternatively, why not buy pre-owned!..



Saxon Insurance Brokers are delighted to have arranged insurance for a number of our clients Bugatti’s, from 1940’s classics to recently launched hypercars, our passion and experience in the supercar insurance field is unrivalled.

Jewellery & Luxury Watch Insurance: We Answer Your Questions...

Saxon Insurance Brokers had the pleasure of discussing high value watch collections with Paul Thorpe. Paul is a UK-based watch dealer with over 40 years of experience helping clients with the purchase of their luxury timepieces.

Check out our interview with Paul Thorpe below...

Having provided luxury watch and jewellery insurance for private individuals for over 10 years, Saxon Insurance Brokers are frequently asked a number of questions with regards to jewellery and luxury watch insurance. For your convenience, we have carefully laid out a few of the more frequent questions below.

I travel a lot. Are my watches insured while I'm away?

Absolutely! Saxon Insurance Brokers are able to offer a bespoke solution for our clients' individual needs. From yachting holidays in Turkey to skiing in the Alps, our clients frequently travel around the globe. It is imperative that their assets are protected at all times.

What is the highest value item you can insure?

Saxon Insurance Brokers are able to arrange insurance for assets of any value. We have no upper limit and currently have an average ‘contents under cover’ value of over £210,000. Our minimum premium is £1500 + IPT, which generally works out to be around £100,000 worth of cover.

Do I need a professional valuation?

Absolutely. Many of our clients regard their jewellery as investments in a diverse portfolio. As with any investment, the value can change. We request that our clients arrange a professional valuation every 3 years to ensure their policy remains as efficient as possible. We work alongside a number of independent, specialist jewellery valuation experts that we are more than happy to introduce.

Rolex Daytona valuation in progress…

Rolex Daytona valuation in progress…

I paid ‘list price’ for my jewellery, but it has since doubled in value. What value do I insure it for?

Many watches and pieces of fine jewellery have skyrocketed in value recently. We encourage our clients to check on the current market value regularly and update us with the current value, along with a professional valuation. There is often a comparably small increase in premium when compared to the increase in cover.

Do I need specific insurance for my watches and jewellery? Is it not covered by my Home & Contents policy?

Perhaps not! We will not sell something you do not need. However, the majority of our clients' jewellery and watches have a value greater than that covered by most average household contents policies. We have found that the average policy covers up to around £10,000 worth of jewellery. We specialise in collections from £100,000 in value and upwards.

Saxon Insurance Brokers: Trusted to Protect The World’s Finest Assets…

Saxon Insurance Brokers: Trusted to Protect The World’s Finest Assets…

To discover how we can help you insure your jewellery and watch collection, get in touch with a member of our specialist team using the button below.

The Saxon Team: Our Favourite Holiday Destinations...

When our team of High Value Insurance Brokers aren’t arranging policies for The World’s Finest Assets, we can be found working on our own Classic Cars or arranging our next trip in search of the perfect sunset…

From New Zealand to Newquay and Cannes to Canada, our team enjoy nothing more than booking their next flight, check out where our team are letting their hair down in the next few months…

Samuel - Director

Q: Holiday time! Where next?

A: Unlike most employed people its tough for me to take a real holiday however I have mastered the perfect solution - I think!

For the last 4 years I have been visiting the impressive island of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. Now I know what you’re thinking, cor you must be a party animal and hit the clubs frequently, well no, I am the total opposite.

I agree, Ibiza has this stigma attached to it for being the party capital of the world and don’t get me wrong if you want that then Ibiza is your place to go! But what people don’t realise is there is everything in between, Ibiza delivers so much for every type of person. The family who prefers an island life to live, a yoga addict who loves out of season vibes, the superyacht owner who wants to swim and enjoy the crystal clear water and much more!

Q: So why do you go to Ibiza?

A: Boats and Yachts! From the very first visit I fell in love with the yacht aspect of the island, in high season everywhere you turn is a yacht or boat, this is the life! As a yacht lover I started to spend time visiting my home in Ibiza and meeting many yacht owners who became friends then customers. Ibiza isn’t just a second home for me its a place to do business, yacht owners are abundant so its perfect for a combination of time away from my UK office but still working.


Q: What do you do in Ibiza?

A: Work and boating! I am fortunate enough to have my own boat so any spare time I have, mostly evenings and weekends, I can be found at sea enjoying the special beaches and bays of Ibiza island.


Q: What are Ibiza’s best kept secrets?

A: While 95% of people visit Ibiza to party, the ones in ‘the know’ do the opposite. There are so many incredible restaurants that are typical Spanish places that no party goer has ever heard of. For example Bar Anita Sant Carles, one of the oldest on the island serving beautifully authentic food, no frills with wooden chairs but when you visit places like Ibiza, if you’re like me you’ll want to see the ‘real’ island.

There are the most amazing beaches. For me the west coast is the place to go, from Cala Bassa round to Cala d’hort you’ll find the best beaches in the world. If you have a boat, go here by sea to avoid the busy beaches, enjoy lunch on board, snorkel with the fish and relax.

If you want to avoid the crowds and beaches then head north out of Es Nautic Marine in San Antonio, from Cala Gracio to Cala d’Albarca to see the unspoilt places and marine life. Plenty of places to anchor, undisturbed and the most peaceful areas you’ll get on the island.

Over the years I’ve seen the island become in such high demand, if you own a boat and want to visit, be sure to book your berth well in advance and naturally if you need any help, I know many people here, just drop me a message.

Meanwhile, I must get back to work! I’ve got some new business to do!!

High Value Asset Insurance Brokers: Big vs Boutique

Insurance Explained: Big vs Boutique

It is a common myth that, in the insurance world, bigger is better. Clients often feel more comfortable using a bigger broker, because, after all, insurance is a financial product. Therefore, surely, a big broker has more financial stability in case anything goes wrong. The fact is all insurance brokers are protected by their Professional Indemnity Insurance. So, regardless of the size, if a broker gives a client incorrect advice and a claim isn’t paid, then the safety net is there to step in.

However, before we move into the details of the premiums the heavyweights can negotiate, let's discuss the differences for the client on a personal level.



Big brokers have large teams. Large teams come and go. The staff are ambitious and tend to hop around the large broker market chasing the improved salary, which comes with all sorts of restrictive covenants where they cannot simply move and start dealing with their old clients. That can take over 12 months, so client relationships fizzle out.


Smaller brokers attract a different breed of staff, those in it for the long game, that are ambitious, but share the vision of their employer creating unity and partnerships with the owner and the team. We simply call this loyalty. Loyalty to their employer means loyalty to the clients they look after, which equals long-standing relationships often merging in to friendships.

Customer Care


Having worked for a number of the world's largest insurance brokers, our Director, Samuel Cise, recognises the major differences between large and smaller brokers. A 9-to-5 attitude is easy to adopt when working for a large insurance broker, not that he did. However, many staff do, meaning even if you do have a company mobile phone, the likelihood is at 5pm it is turned off! Customer Care from 9am to 5pm doesn’t make much sense to us! After all, insurance is bought for emergencies and who says what time an emergency occurs?!


Smaller brokers = Smaller teams = Higher care levels. It is that simple, no matter who may argue the case. Smaller, boutique brokers know how to look after their clients and just being contactable in an emergency is the bare minimum. What if the client prefers to tell you using WhatsApp that they’ve bought a new car? As long as its logged correctly, then this medium is perfectly acceptable to us and now becoming the most common way to communicate even with the wealthiest of wealthy. The point here is, there are no restrictions with our communication flow between all our clients and our team.



Well, the bigger the broker, the more buying power they have, meaning the lower my premium, right? No. Firstly, insurance companies always make sure they play fair. This means if you present a risk to an insurance company, which has also been presented by another broker, the insurance company provides the same premium to both. There are no advantages. But the large broker will have lots of business with the insurance companies, meaning they get better premiums? No. Insurance companies rate a policy exactly how they see fit. There may be some negotiation, if the broker tries to play one insurer off against another, but that’s it. 


The boutique broker works for his money! You will always find a smaller broker works harder. Caring for their clients usually comes with much higher levels of care, due to the fact they want to and they have to. Insurance can be competitive, so the harder the broker works, the higher chance they retain the business. Does a big broker care if they lose a client? They are not financially driven, our guess is no. Here we see the reverse of what people think, the boutique broker works harder, negotiates harder, does the very best for the client, because they want and need to. Who wins? The client! And of course the broker, as his retention and new business levels are at the maximum.



Large brokers often have in-house claims teams, who work with loss adjusters to assess a loss. These claims staff do not know the client, they have never met them and are simply tasked with helping the insurer resolve the claim. General consensus is insurers don’t like paying claims. However, in the Private Client Insurance world its usually the opposite, but there must be a client representative on hand to help, one that knows the client intimately. Account Handlers for larger brokers tend to push away the claim taking little responsibility and hoping it gets sorted without it interfering with their day job.


We love claims! That sounds strange, doesn’t it, but claims are when your skills as a broker are really tested. Forget negotiating for a premium, think about negotiating a claim for your client. This is where we thrive. 

Imagine the situation: 10pm Sunday night the mobile phone rings, it's an important client, ‘I’ve just arrived back from the Caribbean and there’s water gushing out of my front door of my 5-storey London home! What do I do?’ 

First off, it is our job and the client's to stop all further damage. This means turning the mains water off, which he can do, but the whole house is destroyed by water. Between us we make plans to remove any items that are of significant value. This involves drafting in people to help. We both have contacts, so they both get instructed to help. 

Next up, we alert the insurer, that is our job. Further emergency staff are instructed to help, but now it is getting late. We organise a hotel for the client to stay in for now, while we continue work in the home. The next morning the assessors arrive to step in and take control of the disaster, meeting us there, at the client's home to discuss the plan. Further items are removed to stop more damage. They go to storage or to the right person to help immediately. 

Investigations happen that detect a burst pipe in the roof, causing the pipe to split and water to flood the whole house. 

The claim continues and is successfully resolved……

This is a brief insight in to why you buy insurance. You buy the support of the person at the end of the phone out of hours and when you need it the most. Bigger is not always better. Boutique is where you should be.

How Can Saxon Insurance Brokers Help You?

Jump to the following:

With over 15 years of experience, Saxon Insurance Brokers are proud to be regarded as a point of reference in the HNW insurance sector.

We are in the extremely fortunate position to have worked alongside some of the worlds most exclusive, affluent and celebrated individuals, ensuring their assets are diligently and fiercely protected against all risks. 

Our boutique insurance brokerage expertly arrange Insurance Policies for High Value Assets, from Private Jets and Superyachts to Supercars and Fine Art. Our depth of knowledge and level of experience allows us access to the best policies available – having provided cover for more than £300m in luxury assets, you can rest assured knowing the Saxon Insurance team have you covered.


Private Family Offices

We work with many Private Family Offices and Executive Assistants across the globe, our personal and dedicated approach to arranging insurance means we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our team are regularly asked to evaluate and consolidate existing policies for Private Family Offices, covering all global assets under one manageable umbrella. This removes confusion, reduces cost and creates a streamline route to your information, aswell as generating a single renewal date, saving you time and stress.

We work with Private Family Offices to Insure the following:

  • Private Estate and Residential Property

  • Prestige Vehicles & Fleets

  • Private Aircraft

  • Private Yachts

  • Jewellery & Timepieces

  • Fine Art

  • Kidnap and Ransom

Click the button below to get in touch with a member of our experienced, dedicated team members.



Yacht Management Companies & Captains

Benefiting from offices in Antibes and Ibiza, our Saxon Yacht department are available to arrange policies as individual as the Yachts you manage. We are proud to have insured vessels across the globe, from Sunseeker Sport Yachts to ocean cruising explorers.

Our fully bespoke insurance packages cover the Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity and Crew Welfare – The complete solution for Yachts & Superyachts.

The Saxon team pride ourselves on building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients. Please get in touch with one of the Saxon team to arrange a policy for your vessel.

Click the button below to get in touch with a member of our experienced, dedicated team members.

Jewellery & Fine Art Advisors

The Saxon team are passionate and excited by fine art & jewellery, check out our recent article on the the only Leonardo Da Vinci artwork in private ownership.

Whether you are an owner, dealer or advisor, we can help you protect the world’s most precious masterpieces. From Damien Hirst and David Hockney to William Blake and Banksy – Saxon Insurance Brokers have arranged comprehensive insurance for The World’s Finest Art.

Our professional and dedicated specialists arrange insurance for privately displayed art and extensive collections.

Click the button below to get in touch with a member of our experienced, dedicated team members.



Luxury Motor Cars & Classic Cars

The team here at Saxon HQ are serious petrolheads, from contemporary Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Classic Bugattis and Porsches, we are proud to manage the insurance for The World’s Finest Vehicle Collections.

Our boutique team of motor insurance experts have arranged cover for over £250m of vehicles, every policy is specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of the asset, ensuring the most efficient, secure protection.

We can arrange insurance to include the following:

  • Worldwide Insurance

  • Limited Mileage Policies

  • Global Transportation & Shipping Cover

  • Young Driver High Value Vehicle Insurance

Click the button below to get in touch with a member of our experienced, dedicated team members.


Classic Car Insurance: Why the Saxon Team are the true specialists...

If you follow the Classic Car Market as closely as we do, you’ll have noticed the open ended fluctuations in perceived value. Fortunately, regardless of whether you own a Bugatti, or a Volkswagen Bug, classic cars have consistently out-performed comparable tangible investments.. and lets face it, stamp collections aren’t going to raise any eyebrows!

‘‘The majority of our clients have owned their vehicles for many years, they have performed incredibly well when comparing the purchase price against current market value, even after factoring in storage & maintenance expenses. ‘‘

Samuel Cise - Director

Saxon Insurance Brokers are proud to manage over $300 million of Classic and Prestige Vehicle insurance, the majority of our cover is provided to individuals with $500k of investments to insure. We have seen some consolidation recently, some of our clients are reducing the size of their collection, whilst maintaining a similar value. 6 cars are becoming perhaps 2 or 3, this reduction in size generally results in fewer expenses, smaller storage space, less servicing, and generally stronger performing assets.

As a boutique team of genuine car lovers, Saxon are delighted to insure such high value, prestigious collections. Our passion translates into a truly unique, incomparable level of service for our valued customers.

‘‘Everyone in the office has a weekend car, the whole team visit shows across the globe -we are all excitable, passionate petrol-heads!’’

Dominic Wright - Client Relationship Manager

There are two main factors that set Saxon Insurance Brokers apart from the mainstream insurance providers, the first being…


We really do know what we’re talking about. Our boutique, UK based team can certainly tell a Bugatti T35 from a Model T Ford! We understand where these vehicles are frequently shown, the methods of transportation and how they are stored. We are part of an incredibly fortunate group of human beings, that work alongside our passion on a daily basis. Oh.. and we understand Insurance too! With over $200m of motorcars under our arranged policies, our valued customers have consistently returned, year-on-year, to trust Saxon Insurance to cover The World’s Finest Assets.

Classic Aston Martin DB4 - Check out  Aston Martin Works…

Classic Aston Martin DB4 - Check out Aston Martin Works…


We know exactly what our clients require. The average value of a vehicle protected by our policies is £400,000. Our average total policy value is £2.3m. Every client receives an individually tailored, fully bespoke policy and benefit from unbridled access to our brokers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the Saxon difference. We have diligently, passionately served our clients for over 15 years and boast a near 100% retention rate.

Our team are regularly in attendance at the worlds most prestigious Classic & Luxury Car shows, from Pebble Beach Councourse D’Elegance to Salon Privé, we always enjoy meeting new & existing clients.

Check out a few of the benefits of choosing Saxon Insurance Brokers..

  • Transit cover: No need to pay for additional transit insurance (subject to the transit being professionally undertaken).

  • Acquisition cover: Cover is automatically included for additional cars bought and notified to us within 30 days.

  • Loss in value cover: At the discretion of underwriters, some clients benefit from loss in value cover following a loss. This must be substantiated by independent valuers in order for a claim to be paid in addition to the claim for damage.

  • Worldwide Cover: Cars can be located in various countries and insured by one global policy.

  • No requirement to substantiate values or declare mileage each year.

  • Offshore Policy: Meaning no connection to mainland UK.

  • Market Leading Policy: The best claims service available on the market.

  • Third Party Liability issued from UK for UK and European registered cars covering Europe.

  • Salvage can be retained in the event of a major loss rather than this becoming the possession of the insurance company following a total loss.

  • Bespoke Underwriting: For example; Road and Static risks can be insured separately. Meaning, if only a few cars are driven, or low mileage is accrued per annum, the rate will reflect the low usage. Rather than insuring a full $50M collection for road risks the whole time when the collection is unlikely to be used all at once on the road - this is a brilliant way to save money.

The above points are just some of the benefits included in the classic car insurance policy we arrange. Every policy is as unique as the vehicle, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, our team will be delighted to hear from you.

How Much Does A Bugatti Veyron Cost to Insure?

The team here at Saxon Insurance Brokers have an incredibly varied and exciting role, our dedicated brokers have the pleasure of insuring The World’s Finest Assets, from Superyachts in the Mediterranean to Supercars in Dubai.

Our privileged position provides us an insight into the lives of some incredibly interesting clients, with incredibly varied collections of luxury assets. We are proud to have dilligently arranged insurance policies ranging from €500,000 Classic Car collections, to €2,500,000 Private Jets and €25m Superyachts!

But how exactly do you insure a superyacht?, and if you are in the fortunate position to own a Bugatti Veyron, how much will it cost to insure? Well, wait no more! We dive into the ownership costs for a Bugatti Veyron below…

The words ‘Bugatti Veyron’ are often thrown around conversation with ‘McLaren P1’, ‘Koenigsegg Agera R’ or ‘Pagani Zonda’ - These are the supercars dreams are made of, bedroom walls are adorned with and #Insta is plastered with! But if you want to do anything more than dream, gaze or double tap one, you are going to need to insure one…

Below is list of the expenses attached to Hyper Car ownership:

Purchase price: £2,000,000

Fuel: c. £5,000 depending on the mileage covered

Professional Storage: £40 per week x 52 = £2,080

Annual Servicing: £20,000

Depreciation: Well, hopefully none!

But what about the insurance? How much is a Bugatti Veyron to insure? Insurance at this level can be calculated at circa 1% of the vehicle value, so for a £2,000,000 Bugatti Veyron you can expect to pay around £20,000 for insurance per annum. Note the policy excess, which is usually around £50,000, so if you crash or lose your Bugatti Veyron, the policy holder is responsible for paying the first £50,000 in repairs.

Prestige Cars are often considered a worthwhile addition within a diversified investment portfolio, these annual costs are regularly justified and reassuringly priced. Our clients value the best cover available.

Regardless of the annual mileage of the vehicle, Hypercars should be serviced annually, oil and other consumables have ‘shelf-lives’ and must be changed regardless of use - this approach is standard practice among prestige vehicles, and so annual maintenance remains a constant. It is imperative to protect not only the mechanicals, but the future re-sale value too.

We estimate a total of £47,080 of expenses for one Bugatti Veyron. Roughly 2.5% per annum. But what a fantastic asset to own, and one certainly worthy of protecting.

We are fortunate to work with some of the worlds leading underwriters for supercar insurance like Bugatti Veyron’s and also specialist Classic Car insurance underwriters who insure our clients famous collections across the world which include Ferrari 250 GTO's, Bugatti Type 57, Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, Lamborghini Muira SV and many more!

The Saxon 2019 Schedule - It's Supercar Season!

The team here at Saxon are approaching one of the busiest times of the year, with Goodwood Festival of Speed now behind us, and the Mediterranean Yachting Season in full swing, our calendar is filling up incredibly quickly!

True to Saxon Form, in the interests of complete transparency, its only fair we share our calendar with our clients, colleagues and friends! From Superyacht Festivals to Supercar Sunday, the Saxon Team share the top events for all things luxury…

Please let us know if you are thinking of heading to any of the events below, we would love the opportunity to catch up and meet new faces…





































How to Insure a Superyacht...

Check out our step by step guide to insuring your Superyacht…

Here at Saxon Yacht, we understand the varying, often complex working relationships for professionals within our tight-knit community. Our team are incredibly proud to work closely with the worlds most prestigious Management Companies, Private Family Offices, Captains and of course, Yacht owners.

Our vast experience has given us the opportunity to have dealt with an incredibly wide array of scenarios, from day-skippered Sports Yachts on the French Riviera, to globally cruising Explorer Vessels in South America.

Saxon have always been our first ‘port of call’ for Yacht Insurance – Their knowledge, passion and dedication has always been head and shoulders above the competition. We use Saxon for our Yachts, Aviation and Automotive Insurance.

UHNWI Family Office Manager

Step 1: Contact Us

Pop us a message in our dedicated ‘Contact Us’ form. A member of our professional team will be in touch immediately; or, should you prefer, we are able to call you at a specific time of your convenience. Our team work internationally and are available to discuss throughout all international time-zones.

Step 2: Fact Find

During our phone call, we endeavour to learn about your vessel, from the Length & Value, to the Year of Manufacture, Flag State and Number of Crew Aboard. This initial understanding of the vessel allows us to search for the best insurance policy available. We are proud to have worked with the global leaders in Marine & Aviation insurance for over 15 years. This invaluable experience allows us to access the best policies available in the world.

Ocean Pearl Yacht, Designed by the infamous  Norman Foster

Ocean Pearl Yacht, Designed by the infamous Norman Foster

Step 3: Go to Market 

Following our fact finding conversation, a member of our experienced team presents the risk to the market. 

Due to our impeccable record of successful business, our underwriters have complete confidence in the quality of our clients’ vessels and provide us with the worlds most competitive and comprehensive policies as a result.

M/Y Malahne, built by UK shipyard,  Pendennis.

M/Y Malahne, built by UK shipyard, Pendennis.

Step 4: Obtain Quotes

Saxon Yacht begin to receive initial offers within 24 hours of our presentation, we then scrutinise & negotiate the premiums and particulars within the policy, ensuring the policy is tailor made to the specific vessel in mind. 

It is our role as yacht insurance brokers to negotiate the benefits of each policy. No two vessels are the same, and neither are the policy particulars. Our bespoke approach ensures you receive the most appropriate, tailored policies specifically designed for you.

Versatile & Agile! -  Axopar 37 Sports Cabin

Versatile & Agile! - Axopar 37 Sports Cabin

Step 5: Prepare Your Quote

We return a number of the most suitable quotes that meet your specific needs, along with an easy to digest breakdown of each individual policy, including the merits and negatives of each policy on offer.

If necessary we aim to return a minimum of 3 quotes, along with a corresponding summary, personally written up by a member of our team.

Our scrutinising is not solely financial, we are fastidious in our negotiations with regards to the technical aspects of the vessel cover. 

The aggressively styled  Dominator Ilumen 28m

The aggressively styled Dominator Ilumen 28m

Step 6: Accept Your Quote

Once a mutual decision has been made as to which policy you would like to move forward with, we start the cover immediately or from a start date of your choice.

Step 7: Receive Your New Saxon Yacht Insurance Policy

After receiving your instructions to proceed we instruct the relevant underwriter to prepare and issue the policy. This is then packaged up by our team and sent to you for your review and safekeeping. These always include all relevant documents to keep onboard but most importantly we want you to save your dedicated Account Manager’s mobile number in the event of any emergencies or simple questions. We work around the clock and have pride in being there for you for the duration of the policy and for many years to come.

‘Saxon have provided my vessel and crew with the cover we needed, Sam is always available to answer any questions, I will continue to use Saxon on the new-build once it is launched!’

Captain – 47m Yacht

For any questions regarding the efficient cover of your yacht, and to get in touch with a member of our experienced team, click here.

Leonardo da Vinci, Yuri Shefler and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman - The Serene Connection.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly known as Leonardo da Vinci or perhaps simply, Leonardo.

One of the world’s greatest artists, living through the golden age of the renaissance era, Da Vinci’s masterpieces have been admired across the planet, with diverse works such as the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man and The Last Supper all being preserved in public galleries. Remarkably, there is just one Da Vinci ‘piece’ rumoured to be in a private collection. The Salvator Mundi.

The painting depicts Jesus in renaissance dress, making the sign of the cross in his right hand - holding a crystal orb in his left. Salvatore Mundi is latin, for ‘Saviour of the World’

The painting depicts Jesus in renaissance dress, making the sign of the cross in his right hand - holding a crystal orb in his left. Salvatore Mundi is latin, for ‘Saviour of the World’

The renaissance piece was sold at an auction at Christies for a record breaking $450m in November 2017. However, since the completion of the sale, the location of the artwork remains unknown, with many speculating the recently restored masterpiece is aboard the 134m Fincantieri Superyacht ‘Serene’.

The Superyacht, previously owned by Yuri Shefler, was sold to Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince for $458 million in one of the largest brokerage deals ever recorded. At the time of her launch in 2011, she was number 8 in the register of the World’s Largest Yachts. (She has since slipped down to number 15!)


Serene boasts elegant, timeless exterior lines drawn by Espen Oeino, the mastermind behind Kismet, Solandge and the world’s largest yacht by volume, Dilbar.

In a similar scenario, Saxon Insurance Brokers are proud to have insured a Boutique Fine Art Collection aboard a Private, Cayman Island registered vessel recently, whilst the total insured sum runs into the millions, the Superyacht is responsible for the ‘lions share’ of the total sum.


Leonardo Da Vinci is thought to have created over 200 unique pieces, from intricate technical drawings including the ‘Giant Crossbow’ and ‘Helicopter Sketch’ to beautifully intimate paintings such as ‘the Virgin and Child with Two Angels’.

Whilst the Salvator Mundi is within a private collection, the rest of Da Vinci’s works are available for public viewing, a number of them remain in the artists hometown of Florence, however there are plenty on display throughout Europe, and even as far as Washington DC and Los Angeles.


Saxon Insurance Brokers are proud to work closely with a number of Fine Art Dealers, Owners and Underwriters. Our unbridled knowledge, passion and dedication to Protecting the World’s Finest Assets enables us to get the best opportunities for our clients. Whether they are displayed elegantly aboard a globally travelling Superyacht, or in a boutique private gallery in the Home Counties. Saxon have you covered.

Saxon Yacht Host 'Sundown Drinks - Ibiza'

The Saxon Yacht team and Bargate Murray Maritime Lawyers are proud to have hosted an incredibly successful ‘Captains Event’ in Ibiza last Friday…


In a joint effort to raise awareness of the importance of Insurance & Law in Yachting, both Bargate Murray & Saxon Yacht invited Captains & Crewmembers to enjoy a sundown drink and a glass of champagne at ‘La Calma’ Ibiza.


‘Due to the recent incident with ‘My Song’, the 39.6m Sailing Yacht from Baltic Yachts that recently fell overboard during a Shipping Passage, Maritime Insurance & Law has become a particularly popular talking point amongst Yachting Professionals’ 

 Samuel Cise - Director


Saxon Yacht are proud to work globally, with headquarters in London and representatives in Antibes & Ibiza, we are on hand to discuss the needs and requirements of our clients at a moments notice. Our flexible approach has been integral to our recent success, something we are extremely proud of and look forward to growing.


This event was a fantastic opportunity to hear the concerns and questions of Captains & First Officers, many of whom bare responsibility when appointing an Insurance Broker.

Saxon Yacht are proud to have a working understanding of Yacht Operations – The majority of our team hold Yachting qualifications and have first hand knowledge of the roles onboard.


For more information on the Insurance of your Yacht, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our professional team.


Saxon Yacht Announce Expansion

Following incredible success in the Balearic Islands, Saxon Yacht are proud to announce our recent, significant expansion into Monaco & The French Riviera…

Stunning Pershing 74 from  Pershing Yachts.

Stunning Pershing 74 from Pershing Yachts.

Saxon Yachts’ Director, Samuel Cise, has expanded the company’s presence, with the allocation of an office on the Cote D’Azur. The decision has been made as a result of incredible growth in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands.

‘We are proud to serve globally travelling Superyachts, whilst Ibiza is incredibly busy throughout the summer months, the stretch of coastline between Imperia & Cannes is regarded as ‘home’ for many of our clients. With our new office in Antibes, we can be assist our clients immediately.’ 

Samuel Cise - Director

Saxon Yacht have been working closely with Superyachts based in the Balearic Islands for a number of years, the decision to expand onto the Riviera has been made to serve our clients to the standard they have become accustomed.

Superyacht ‘Lady Lara’ in  Marina Ibiza

Superyacht ‘Lady Lara’ in Marina Ibiza

Our personal approach and boutique attitude to Insurance Brokerage has meant we are able to assist globally within 24 hours, this dedication has led to year on year growth, but more importantly, a near 100% retention & renewal rate with our valued clients.

To arrange a meeting with one of our experienced team, contact Director, Samuel Cise on the details below…


Do You Hold Fine Art Onboard Your Superyacht?

Fine Art and Superyachts are a timelessly elegant combination, like a Chateaux Margaux and Wagyu Beef, or a Lamborghini and the Italian Riviera…

Saxon Yacht are proud to have insured Private Collections well in excess of £10m, we are often regarded as a reference in the field of Fine Art Insurance – Our passions are all encompassing, from Sculptures and Paintings to Historical Literature. Saxon Yachts’ current policies are as diverse as they are unique.

We have had the privilege of working closely with a number of Superyacht Crew when insuring Fine Art, and have created a provisional list of things to consider when holding such unique items onboard...

Do you have the correct security onboard?

From full circuit CCTV and Wireless Protection Systems, to a fully bespoke Close Protection agreement (Check out Intrepid Risk Management). For a select few, it is an honour and a privilege to secure the worlds finest artefacts.

 A Pablo Picasso painting worth £21 million has recently been recovered after nearly 20 years. It was stolen from a Yacht berthed in Antibes!

 Physical Protection can provide far more than peace of mind, with the number of Superyachts travelling globally, the threat from Piracy has become a genuine concern for many of the worlds largest Yachts.

Physical Position

Fine Art and Historical Artefacts are particularly vulnerable to exposure from UV Rays, it is crucial to understand how to protect each and every piece of Artwork. No two pieces are the same, and an independent consultant or dealer should be contacted to advise on the best way to protect aboard your Yacht.

Light causes chemical changes in many of the materials used in paintings, this can create ‘yellowing’ or ‘darkening’ of certain pigments. Regular exposure to  UV rays can be incredibly detrimental to the quality and appearance of the artwork.

Saxon Yacht have worked alongside some of the worlds most exclusive dealers, restorers and conservators in the Fine Art circle, it is a privilege and an education every time we meet! 

Climate Control

Very few Superyachts cruise the globe without an incredibly efficient Air Conditioning system. However, they are often designed with the guests & crew in mind rather than priceless art.

Paintings are essentially layered objects, built up from the canvas with different materials with varying qualities – Each layer reacts differently to temperature and humidity, expanding and contracting at different rates. The museum standard temperature for keeping paintings safe is 20ºC ± 1ºC.  Fluctuations in temperature and humidity essentially create ‘cycles’ of expansion and contraction, thus leading to the steady deterioration in quality of the artwork.

Are the fresh air blowers directing cold air onto your artwork? Does warm air flood in whilst the Sundeck Doors are open? The finest art in the world requires a constantly stable, tailored to suit environment.


Vibration & Hanging Environment

Vibration is an incredibly detailed subject on board any vessel, from the Main Engine Anti-Vibration mounts, to Auxiliary Equipment and Hotel Services throughout the interior. Engineers have been minimising vibration throughout the Yacht since the moment the pencil hit the paper in the design studio.

A consultant should investigate where the optimal location is on-board, taking into account everything from the pitch and roll, to vibration levels from auxiliary equipment.

Further things to consider when deciding the location on board should include Humidity and exposure to water (Spa’s, Bathrooms and Heads), exposure to Tobacco Smoke and proximity to Food Preparation Areas.

Saxon Yacht & Saxon Private Clients are proud to work alongside the most educated, dedicated and passionate Art Collectors on the planet – As custodians for the worlds finest Artwork, it is our responsibility & honour to protect it to the highest standard that we know.


 Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our experienced, professional team to learn more about the insurance of your Fine Art.

+44 7874 040 356

Has Your Insurance Renewal Increased?

The last few years have been incredibly busy for Marine Insurance Brokers. A record number of claims have been filed in the last 24 months as a direct result of some particularly extreme weather events across the globe…

Luxury Yachts Damaged in the Italian Storms, October 2018 - Rapallo

Luxury Yachts Damaged in the Italian Storms, October 2018 - Rapallo

From the storms on the Italian Riviera in October 2018 to Hurricane Irma just a year before hand, Insurance Brokers have been inundated with claims and losses. These great financial losses are not exclusive to the yacht owners…

‘’Fortunately, Saxon Yacht have not been affected and our renewal quotes are coming back at record lows -  our clients left the areas affected at the first sign of danger!’’ 

Samuel Cise – Director

Many Marine Insurance brokers have increased their renewal premium in an attempt to offset losses occurred during the last few years, it has understandably been a particularly difficult time to maintain profits with such a high number of claims.

110 Foot Yacht Damaged in Hurricane Irma - Dinner Key Marina, Miami.

110 Foot Yacht Damaged in Hurricane Irma - Dinner Key Marina, Miami.

Insurance policies and their corresponding premiums are based solely on statistics & figures, the larger the Insurance Brokerage, the more claims they handle. The increase becomes self perpetuating, with the largest Insurance Brokerages handling more claims and therefore increasing premiums across their list of policyholders.

‘’Saxon Yacht are in an extremely fortunate position. None of our policy holders have claimed in the last 24 months due to their diligent & pragmatic professionalism. We are therefore providing quotes similar to those available 2 or 3 years ago…’’


Saxon Yacht are proud to have a truly boutique approach to Marine Insurance Brokerage Together with our parent company, Saxon Private Clients, we have insured over £300m in Luxury Assets. Saxon Yacht is comprised of Ex-Yacht Crew & Experienced Marine Insurance Brokers. This unique combination ensures we are able to access the best possible deals on behalf of our clients, whilst understanding the complexities and individuality of each and every Yacht.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced & professional Marine Insurance brokers on the details below…

+44 7874 040 365