frequently asked questions


I reside outside of the UK - Can I be your customer?

Absolutely! We arrange cover for clients with all types of assets in many different countries.

I have recently moved to the UK and still own property overseas;can you visit me to discuss my options?

Yes. We are very happy to travel a reasonable distance to discuss all your requirements for the UK and overseas. We will guide you through the whole process to ensure you are familiar with what we have to offer you before you need to make any decision.

I only have one vehicle to insure. What are my options?

Although we focus on arranging portfolio cover for high value assets we can still insure single vehicles and mid-range valued items, not just motor cars. Our providers understand that some individuals and families have emerging wealth, and we want to be there for them from the outset.

I only require UK cover for my classic car collection. Is this possible?

Yes. All our products are tailored to suit your exact needs so UK only cover is possible. We emphasise and promote worldwide cover as many fine classic motor cars travel around the world.

What are the disadvantages to the portfolio cover you arrange?

None. The portfolio products available today have evolved from single policies as insurance companies have adapted to meet more complex requirements. The tendency has been for these products to become more comprehensive and focused more around lifestyle, with fewer restrictions and exclusions than standard policies.

Will the insurance company overcharge me because they are aware all my assets are insured with them?

No, the opposite. With our portfolio products insurance companies are always keen to insure all asset types to spread their risk and this generally means the more you insure, the lower your premium rate.

I co-own an executive aircraft. Can I insure it along with our crew?

Yes. Joint ownership is not an issue. Policies can be arranged for more than one individual or company plus comprehensive cover is available for all staff members and crew.

I travel a lot for business as my business is mainly overseas. Does your commercial insurance expand to cover my business outside the UK?

Yes. We appreciate businesses grow into many different countries the team at Saxon Insurance Brokers Ltd can arrange the necessary insurance for personnel, plant, machinery etc.