Do You Hold Fine Art Onboard Your Superyacht?

Fine Art and Superyachts are a timelessly elegant combination, like a Chateaux Margaux and Wagyu Beef, or a Lamborghini and the Italian Riviera…

Saxon Yacht are proud to have insured Private Collections well in excess of £10m, we are often regarded as a reference in the field of Fine Art Insurance – Our passions are all encompassing, from Sculptures and Paintings to Historical Literature. Saxon Yachts’ current policies are as diverse as they are unique.

We have had the privilege of working closely with a number of Superyacht Crew when insuring Fine Art, and have created a provisional list of things to consider when holding such unique items onboard...

Do you have the correct security onboard?

From full circuit CCTV and Wireless Protection Systems, to a fully bespoke Close Protection agreement (Check out Intrepid Risk Management). For a select few, it is an honour and a privilege to secure the worlds finest artefacts.

 A Pablo Picasso painting worth £21 million has recently been recovered after nearly 20 years. It was stolen from a Yacht berthed in Antibes!

 Physical Protection can provide far more than peace of mind, with the number of Superyachts travelling globally, the threat from Piracy has become a genuine concern for many of the worlds largest Yachts.

Physical Position

Fine Art and Historical Artefacts are particularly vulnerable to exposure from UV Rays, it is crucial to understand how to protect each and every piece of Artwork. No two pieces are the same, and an independent consultant or dealer should be contacted to advise on the best way to protect aboard your Yacht.

Light causes chemical changes in many of the materials used in paintings, this can create ‘yellowing’ or ‘darkening’ of certain pigments. Regular exposure to  UV rays can be incredibly detrimental to the quality and appearance of the artwork.

Saxon Yacht have worked alongside some of the worlds most exclusive dealers, restorers and conservators in the Fine Art circle, it is a privilege and an education every time we meet! 

Climate Control

Very few Superyachts cruise the globe without an incredibly efficient Air Conditioning system. However, they are often designed with the guests & crew in mind rather than priceless art.

Paintings are essentially layered objects, built up from the canvas with different materials with varying qualities – Each layer reacts differently to temperature and humidity, expanding and contracting at different rates. The museum standard temperature for keeping paintings safe is 20ºC ± 1ºC.  Fluctuations in temperature and humidity essentially create ‘cycles’ of expansion and contraction, thus leading to the steady deterioration in quality of the artwork.

Are the fresh air blowers directing cold air onto your artwork? Does warm air flood in whilst the Sundeck Doors are open? The finest art in the world requires a constantly stable, tailored to suit environment.


Vibration & Hanging Environment

Vibration is an incredibly detailed subject on board any vessel, from the Main Engine Anti-Vibration mounts, to Auxiliary Equipment and Hotel Services throughout the interior. Engineers have been minimising vibration throughout the Yacht since the moment the pencil hit the paper in the design studio.

A consultant should investigate where the optimal location is on-board, taking into account everything from the pitch and roll, to vibration levels from auxiliary equipment.

Further things to consider when deciding the location on board should include Humidity and exposure to water (Spa’s, Bathrooms and Heads), exposure to Tobacco Smoke and proximity to Food Preparation Areas.

Saxon Yacht & Saxon Private Clients are proud to work alongside the most educated, dedicated and passionate Art Collectors on the planet – As custodians for the worlds finest Artwork, it is our responsibility & honour to protect it to the highest standard that we know.


 Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our experienced, professional team to learn more about the insurance of your Fine Art.

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