Classic Car Insurance: Why the Saxon Team are the true specialists...

If you follow the Classic Car Market as closely as we do, you’ll have noticed the open ended fluctuations in perceived value. Fortunately, regardless of whether you own a Bugatti, or a Volkswagen Bug, classic cars have consistently out-performed comparable tangible investments.. and lets face it, stamp collections aren’t going to raise any eyebrows!

‘‘The majority of our clients have owned their vehicles for many years, they have performed incredibly well when comparing the purchase price against current market value, even after factoring in storage & maintenance expenses. ‘‘

Samuel Cise - Director

Saxon Insurance Brokers are proud to manage over $300 million of Classic and Prestige Vehicle insurance, the majority of our cover is provided to individuals with $500k of investments to insure. We have seen some consolidation recently, some of our clients are reducing the size of their collection, whilst maintaining a similar value. 6 cars are becoming perhaps 2 or 3, this reduction in size generally results in fewer expenses, smaller storage space, less servicing, and generally stronger performing assets.

As a boutique team of genuine car lovers, Saxon are delighted to insure such high value, prestigious collections. Our passion translates into a truly unique, incomparable level of service for our valued customers.

‘‘Everyone in the office has a weekend car, the whole team visit shows across the globe -we are all excitable, passionate petrol-heads!’’

Dominic Wright - Client Relationship Manager

There are two main factors that set Saxon Insurance Brokers apart from the mainstream insurance providers, the first being…


We really do know what we’re talking about. Our boutique, UK based team can certainly tell a Bugatti T35 from a Model T Ford! We understand where these vehicles are frequently shown, the methods of transportation and how they are stored. We are part of an incredibly fortunate group of human beings, that work alongside our passion on a daily basis. Oh.. and we understand Insurance too! With over $200m of motorcars under our arranged policies, our valued customers have consistently returned, year-on-year, to trust Saxon Insurance to cover The World’s Finest Assets.

Classic Aston Martin DB4 - Check out  Aston Martin Works…

Classic Aston Martin DB4 - Check out Aston Martin Works…


We know exactly what our clients require. The average value of a vehicle protected by our policies is £400,000. Our average total policy value is £2.3m. Every client receives an individually tailored, fully bespoke policy and benefit from unbridled access to our brokers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the Saxon difference. We have diligently, passionately served our clients for over 15 years and boast a near 100% retention rate.

Our team are regularly in attendance at the worlds most prestigious Classic & Luxury Car shows, from Pebble Beach Councourse D’Elegance to Salon Privé, we always enjoy meeting new & existing clients.

Check out a few of the benefits of choosing Saxon Insurance Brokers..

  • Transit cover: No need to pay for additional transit insurance (subject to the transit being professionally undertaken).

  • Acquisition cover: Cover is automatically included for additional cars bought and notified to us within 30 days.

  • Loss in value cover: At the discretion of underwriters, some clients benefit from loss in value cover following a loss. This must be substantiated by independent valuers in order for a claim to be paid in addition to the claim for damage.

  • Worldwide Cover: Cars can be located in various countries and insured by one global policy.

  • No requirement to substantiate values or declare mileage each year.

  • Offshore Policy: Meaning no connection to mainland UK.

  • Market Leading Policy: The best claims service available on the market.

  • Third Party Liability issued from UK for UK and European registered cars covering Europe.

  • Salvage can be retained in the event of a major loss rather than this becoming the possession of the insurance company following a total loss.

  • Bespoke Underwriting: For example; Road and Static risks can be insured separately. Meaning, if only a few cars are driven, or low mileage is accrued per annum, the rate will reflect the low usage. Rather than insuring a full $50M collection for road risks the whole time when the collection is unlikely to be used all at once on the road - this is a brilliant way to save money.

The above points are just some of the benefits included in the classic car insurance policy we arrange. Every policy is as unique as the vehicle, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, our team will be delighted to hear from you.